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Pam and Rochelle, hosts of the Chat with Women radio program talk about hCG with Santo and Deb

The Chat with Women radio program talk about the spa with Deb and Bridget.

The Chat with Women radio program talk about their Juvederm XC experience!

Pam and Rochelle, hosts of the Chat with Women radio program talk more about Ambrosia MedSpa

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Review finds APRNs may outperform physicians

Is hCG a Miracle Drug?
By Santo Criscuolo

Smart Summer Time Skin Care: Protect your skin while having fun in the sun
By Santo Criscuolo

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Your Guide to Good Skin
A guide to medical spas.

Why to Get All Your Treatments at the Same Medical Spa
Anyone who takes the time to visit a medical spa on a somewhat regular basis is obviously very dedicated to her skin and appearance.

Medical Spa Scar Treatments
Once you’ve undergone surgery, you’re likely to have a scar form on your body as the result of the procedure at hand. The presence of...

Why References Are Important When Choosing A Medical Spa
Remember, as a medical spa client, you have every right to impose some pretty high standards for customer service and care.

Is Latisse Better Than Mascara?
It’s not uncommon for women to crave the look of long, thick eyelashes. Any woman can tell you that plenty of tools are on the...

What is the DiamondTome™ Skin Resurfacing System?
While Ambrosia Medspa’s method of microdermabrasion is effective in its own right, the goal is to offer clients a truly distinctive spin on an otherwise...

What is the Syneron triniti?
As the owner of Ambrosia Medspa, a Kirkland, Washington facility, Santo Criscuolo understands how challenging it can be to find the time to properly treat...

Why Customer Relationships Are Important At Medical Spas
Ambrosia Medspa has a specialized approach to customer service that involves forging a lifelong relationship with, ideally, each and every person that walks through the...

How to Keep Your Skin in Good Shape
Most residents of the Seattle area are no strangers to weather that is rainy and grey. However, many people tend to operate under the false...

How Does Sleep Affect Your Skin?
Remember, there’s a direct correlation between proper sleeping habits and healthy skin, so as busy as your schedule might be, it’s imperative that you make...

New Tools For Laser Hair Reduction
If excessive hair growth in all the wrong places has been getting you down, then find a medical spa that offers laser hair reduction using...

What is a Good Bedtime Skin Routine?
Dry overnight air can really drain your skin of some of those much-needed oils, so before you go to bed, make sure to apply some...

Should Acne Patients Get Facials?
Acne patients are actually good candidates for microdermabrasion.

What Are the Benefits of a Medical Spa Membership?
Some facilities have programs in place that make medical spa memberships a no-brainer for avid customers.

What Makes a Good Medical Spa Staff?
As a medical spa customer, you deserve to be treated by a staff that understands the value of client satisfaction.

How to Reduce Scarring After An Injury
One of the best ways to prevent scarring is to keep the wounded area of your skin moist and clean.

What is a Manly Makeover?
The thing about most men is that they usually find protective moisturizing lotions to be too feminine for their tastes, but at the same time...

What is a Swedish Massage?
Swedish massage includes the use of massage oils, which work to smooth out the skin and allow the massage therapist to apply long, gliding strokes ...

What’s New With Botox?
If you’ve been considering Botox but have hesitated due to the stigma or your own personal concerns, then know that now, more so than ever...

What is Chair Massage?
It’s an unfortunate fact that for many people, stress is a regular part of life. From pressures on the job to family and household demands...

Are Long, Hot Showers Good For Your Skin?
More and more people in the medical and skin care field are beginning to declare the benefits of – gasp – cold showers, and for...