Chemical Peel Treatments

Obagi Blue Peel™

Provides instant results—tighter, smoother, brighter-looking skin after one treatment.

TCA Peel

Our TCA peel solution is formulated with many ingredients including lactic acid, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), plumping phytohormones and kojic and azelaic acids to produce dramatic results without the discomfort and downtime associated with traditional TCA peels.

  • 30 minutes - $300


Designed for problematic skin with mild to moderate acne, this facial helps keep skin clear and healthy. Salicylic acid peeling solution is applied to purify the skin through exfoliation,with a finishing customized mask that leaves the skin feeling clean and fresh.

  • 30 minutes - $100

Glycolic Acid Exfoliator 35% & 50%™

An Alpha-Hydroxy Acid that is one of the most effective exfoliation agents known.

  • Penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin.
  • Increases cellular turnover and stimulates new collagen formation.
  • 15 minutes - $50

Salicylic Acid Peel 30%™

It loosens and removes aging cells, oil and debris, stimulates new skin cell production, increase in collagen formation, and penetrates and cleans sebum filled follicles and pores.

  • 30 minutes - $100

Lactic Exoliator 40% & 70%™

Lactic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid derived from sour milk. It is ideal for sensitive skin or skin unable to tolerate glycolic acid. Lactic acid is indicated for uneven skin tones and sun damage.

  • 30 minutes - $100

Jessner Exfoliator™

14% lactic acid, usp; 14% salicylic acid, usp; 14% resorcinol in ethanol. Jessner Peel is a medium strength peel consisting of multiple peeling agents. These agents penetrate deeper into the skin and result in greater exfoliation.

  • 30 minutes - $175


VI PEEL is a safe, effective anti aging peel for all skin types! This virtually painless peel requires no prep and has minimal downtime – typically 2-3 days. Increase overall skin radiance, even out skin tone, minimize pores, eliminate or reduce sun spots, hyper pigmentation, melasma and control acne with the VI Peel.

  • 30 minutes - $275

DermaCeutic Peel

Medium strength peel specifically formulated for darker skin tones and stubborn pigmentation such as melasma, pregnancy mask and post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation. This peel is paired with a 30 day homecare kit for continued treatment with anti-inflammatory ingredients promoting hydration and additional pigmentation reduction for clearer healthy, radiant skin.

  • 30 minutes - $399

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